How important is your data to you? Have you thought what would happen if you lost your data, or felt that moment of panic where you thought you did? We’ve all heard about or experienced a tragic loss of data – whether it be those memorable pictures from vacation, a semester’s worth of homework, financial and accounting data (such as Quickbooks or Sage), crucial company documents, the list continues. Now ask yourself, when was the last time you confidently backed up your data? How long ago did the last backup occur? What data was being backed up? How much storage space was left on your backup device?

Even if you have a backup solution in place, it is imperative that it be monitored routinely to ensure everything is being backed up properly. We have seen too many cases where a catastrophic hardware failure, cyber-attack, malicious software, or other system crash occurred resulting in data loss, and even though the backups were initially setup, they weren’t being reviewed consistently, and then when the data needed to be restored, the data either wasn’t there, or it was heavily outdated. Often times it’s come down to “I just need that one file”, and it’s usually that one file that was missed entirely because the backup wasn’t reviewed and it never got added to the backup, or the backup hadn’t been running properly for months and the file was too recent and didn’t get backed up.

In any case, data loss can happen to anyone and when it happens, will you be prepared? Our advice is to keep at least two different methods as a means of backup, so no single event will destroy all copies – one local or network backup, and one cloud or offsite backup to protect against things like fire, flood, theft, or any other physical disasters.

To offer peace of mind, consider looking at our Allpro Cloud Backup service. We can backup anything from a single file, an entire computer or device, your Office 365 mailboxes, virtual machines, and more. Your backups are thoroughly investigated several times on a weekly basis to ensure your backup is working properly so your data remains safe. For more information give us a call at (231) 839-7928 or email us at