Error Free PC Maintenance Program

Whether your computer is six months old or six years old, computer maintenance is essential. Regardless of whether you use your computer for business or personal use, our Error-Free-PC computer maintenance program will greatly enhance the performance and reliability of your computer.

Prevention is better, cheaper and easier, than computer repairs. The best way to be sure that nothing goes wrong with your computer is to perform computer maintenance regularly.

Your computer system contains both mechanical and electronic components that are extremely delicate, sensitive, and in need of regular care. Many times computer failure can be prolonged or eliminated by implementing a proactive computer maintenance program.

When you join our Error-Free-PC program, we will provide routine preventative computer maintenance checks and regular cleanings.

Research shows that computers should be completely serviced at least once every six months. Most people purchase a computer and never perform any maintenance at all. After a short period of time, your computer performance tends to slow down or even hang due to normal use.

There are several utility programs out there that will "Monitor" your system. Some of these programs help, but if you have too many programs monitoring your system, your computer performance will greatly suffer. In fact, these utilities will often cause other programs to work improperly.

We have developed a system that allows us to run a large series of tests that will completely update and optimize your computer system. The best part about these tests is that once all the updates have been completed and your system has been completely optimized, the utilities will be removed. This way your computer won't be dragged down. Your computer system will run at its true potential.

Your computer software is not the only thing that needs to be optimized. Computers are cooled by pulling air through the front of the computer and then blowing the hot air out the back. As air is pulled through, so is dust, dirt, hair, cigarette smoke and several other harmful particles. As these particles collect inside the computer, they can cause several computer components to overheat. Several components have built-in heat sensors. As these components overheat, they automatically slow down. The internal components of your computer should be cleaned at least every six months.