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Print Over 100 Reports

Allpro PermitPlus allows you to print over 100 reports with the click of a button. From issuing permits to printing revenue statements, everything you need to know is just a click away.

The images below list some of the reports that are available. Most of these reports allow you to select a Month, Quarter, or Year grouping.

Permit Software Reports 1 Image

Permit Software Reports 2 Image

Permit Software Reports 3 Image

Permit Software Reports 4 Image

We have included sample reports for what we feel are the most useful reports. To view a sample report, select one of the links below. Once you are finished viewing the sample report, select the Back button on your browser. Report samples require you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have Adobe Reader installed, Click Here to download.

Building Permit
Inspection Record
Correction Notice
Expired Permit Notice
Final Ready Notice
Certificate of Occupancy

Notice of Violation
Final Notice of Violation

Quantity / Revenue Pie Graph
Quantity / Revenue Bar Graph
Quantity / Revenue by Occupancy Group

Remember that these are just a few sample reports. Allpro PermitPlus allows you to print over 100 reports!


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